10.    Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae direct lender. We are also servicing many of our own loans.

9.     Equity Ambassador – We have a dedicated individual personally available to assist you as you go through training and get acclimated to Equity Resources.

8.     Common sense underwriting with a mandated 24 hour turnaround time. Your loans will close on time!

7.    A highly ethical and integrity based company from the top down that is privately owned and operated.

6.     A highly professional business environment.

5.     A superior “Best of Class” compensation plan.

4.     A tenured, professional and dedicated support and leadership team.

3.     Ed Rizor, the president and owner of Equity Resources, has a mortgage background and has been a loan officer! He KNOWS what you are dealing with on a daily basis and values you and your ideas.

2.     Leading edge technology: Laptop, efax, scanning/paperless technology, Docusign, and remote connectivity with the ability to connect anywhere in the country.

1.     Marketing: We have a dedicated marketing department that promotes your targeted marketing message along with a strategic K.I.T. (keep in touch) program to continually keep you top of mind with your valued clients and referral partners. This includes the ability to “co-brand” marketing materials with your referral partners. Keep in mind: This is all company paid!

FINALLY, a Mortgage Company that gets it!

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