Equity Resources Named 2020 Top Mortgage Employer

  (NEWARK, Ohio) February 24, 2020 – Equity Resources, Inc. was named by National Mortgage Professional Magazine as one of America’s Top Mortgage Employers for 2020. Companies were chosen based on their innovation, compensation, corporate culture, marketing support, technology and several more attributes that make them a Top Mortgage Employer.     Local mortgage lender Equity Resources is a service-driven company […]

Client Hot Topic: Fed Rate Cut

  Many of our amazing customers have reached out to ask about how the recent Federal Funds Rate Cut, or “Fed Rate Cut,” could affect their Mortgage Rates. The short answer is, “not a lot.” But why? What did I miss? If you were unaware, the Federal Reserve Bank cut their rates, Sunday March 15th, […]

Smart Home On A Budget

Technology. A lot of times we see that word as an expensive term. Technology comes at a price, and not a “singularity” fear price (that’s a note for another day), but an actual dollar amount. Since I do the finances in my household every time my spouse wants a new computer, and he is a […]

America’s Top Mortgage Employer Award

Equity Resources, Inc. was named as one of America’s Top Mortgage Employers. National Mortgage Professional Magazine polled readers about their employers based on 11 criteria and then broke the results down into national and regional categories. Click HERE to read! Celebrating its 26th year, Equity Resources Inc. is known for being one of the best […]

Use Your Tax Refund To Buy A Home

Welcome to Tax Season! Paying taxes is something that we all have in common; however, a select few of us will get a refund this year. We will suddenly have a lot more cash on hand than usual and will be faced with many opportunities and ways to spend it. For those of us who […]

How To Freeze Your Credit

Credit Freezing We have likely all heard about the major cybersecurity breach at Equifax. What makes this data breach so concerning is that Equifax is a credit bureau. Credit Bureaus hold and determine credit history for any adult with credit… that’s a lot of people! In addition to basic information like name, address, and history […]

Student Loans & Buying a Home

Life after college. How will student loan debt affect me?  I plan to defer my student loans, should I apply for a mortgage? Can I get a mortgage while I have student loans? Whether you’re currently in college or you’ve recently graduated from college, you’re undoubtedly eager to begin your career and start ‘adulting’.  And, if […]

Vision Meeting 2017

Core Purpose – To Improve The Lives of Families. Over 200 members of our team from all over the Midwest and East Coast came together for the Equity Resources Vision Meeting. We enjoyed an evening of music and hors d’oeuvres at our corporate office in Newark, Ohio and then met up the next day at […]

100 Trees Planted by the Equity Team

Did You Know? Every tree produces enough oxygen for 3 people to breathe. Equity Resources passed out 50 Red Maple trees and 50 Red Bud Eastern trees on Arbor Day 2017 so each team member could plant a tree with their family. Visit our Facebook page to view our photos! #ArborDay #EquityCares